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Managerial Economics course is the synthesis of economic theory and decision making in practice. Quantitative tools rather than intuition should be used when making important managerial decisions. Some mathematical techniques are used in this course, but understanding the logic of decisions is more emphasized. The key goal of this course is to equip students with the skills for analyzing data and understanding the outcome of such analytics for the purpose of making sound managerial decisions.

Dalyko tikslas

The Managerial Economics course is organized for bachelor students of economics. It aims to discuss central decision problems the managers face in a day to day business environment and to provide the tools of economic analysis for making these decisions. The course not only concentrates on economic analysis and its tools, but also puts emphasis on managerial decision-making process.

Dalyko rezultatai

• Elucidate on the characteristics, scope and techniques of managerial economics.
• Be able to explain the application of managerial economics in various aspects of decision making.
• Develop skills for strategic decision making.
• Acquire problem solving skills.
• Be able to make managerial decisions supported by quantitative methods.


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