Neurorinkodara (MNG238)

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This course will provide an introduction to the contemporary approaches and their application to the marketing mix and design processes. The course literature will cover different topics of consumer decision-making, attention, emotion, motivation, habit formation, and senses providing a better understanding of the underlying conscious and unconscious processes that ultimately drive the consumer choices. Relevant theories will be analysed in reflection to different marketing cases. Furthermore, neural, physiological, and behavioural measurement methods such as eye-tracking, electroencephalography, fMRI, and other, will be introduced and discussed in regard to their application to solve different marketing challenges. This understanding will provide a deeper insight on how brand, product design, advertising, and in-store information is processed in consumer brain and how this knowledge can be used to inform marketing strategy.

Dalyko tikslas

To provide students with the fundamental knowledge on neuromarketing principles, methods, and their application to seek for more effective marketing solutions.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • To understand the key concepts of neuromarketing and be able to reflect upon the role of in reaching marketing goals.
  • To discuss processes such as attention, perception, emotion, motivation, habits, senses, and their relevance to marketing-related topics.
  • To be able to reflect upon the course literature and the practical application of the neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience theories and methods to solve specific marketing challenges.
  • To identify and discuss the limitations of different theoretical and methodological approaches in relation to neuromarketing.
  • To identify and articulate the marketing research objectives and discuss pros and cons of the traditional approaches in comparison to the modern research approaches application to reach those objectives.
  • To work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to argue decisions.


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