Makroekonomika II

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The contents of the Intermediate Macroeconomics course cover five main topics. It starts with the discussion on the main macroeconomic indicators. Then we have three topics based on different term perspectives. We start from the economy in a medium run (analyzing problems of open economy, inflation and unemployment). From that we turn to analysis of growth theory (economy in a long run) and after it we are studying Business cycle theories about economic fluctuations in a short run. The course finishes with the topic on macroeconomic policy and its debates.

Dalyko tikslas

This is a course in intermediate macroeconomics, designated for students with knowledge in basic economics. Its objective is to present theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for studying the overall economic development of a country. Students will know how to analyze the most important macroeconomic phenomena from different aspects, and the impact of governmental macroeconomic policies on participants in the economy. This course trains skills in comprehension and analysis of macroeconomics policies.

Dalyko rezultatai

• Differentiate the main theories in macroeconomics.
• Relate economic problems with their time perspective.
• Consider the effectiveness of economic policies in different environment.
• Graphically model macroeconomic situations using appropriate macroeconomic theories.
• Discuss the main aspects of economic growth theories.
• Apply the concepts of aggregate demand and supply when analyzing economic situations.
• Apply the statements of classical theory when analyzing an economy in the Long run.
• Develop researching skills.

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