Makroekonomika (ECO102)

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This course is the basic macroeconomics course. During it main topics of macroeconomics will be covered. In lectures and seminars students will learn about economic indicators, goods, financial and labour markets, aggregate demand and supply, economic growth, open economy and exchange rate mechanisms, financial and monetary policy. Students in the course not only will learn Macroeconomic concepts and analyze theoretical Macroeconomic models but also will try to solve practical macroeconomics problems in Lithuania and EU.

Dalyko tikslas

This is a course in intermediate macroeconomics, designated for students with knowledge in basic economics. Its objective is to present theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for studying the overall economic structure of a country. Students will know how to analyze the most important macroeconomic phenomena, and the impact of governmental macroeconomic policies on participants in the economy. This course trains skills in comprehension and analysis of macroeconomics policies.

Dalyko rezultatai

• Understand the main theories in macroeconomics.
• Analyze and model macroeconomic phenomena.
• Evaluate governmental fiscal and monetary policy.
• Graphically model macroeconomic situations.
• Relate real economic experiences to theory.
• Identify economic situations at the national and global level.
• Develop researching skills.

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