Magistro baigiamasis darbas (GRAE016)

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Anglų kalba
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Course description

The Master’s Thesis is a culminating experience in graduate level education for the degree candidates. It is an individual endeavour of analytical nature, which contains elements of originality and is performed in conformity with general requirements of academic papers and scholarly projects. For the students, the master’s thesis should be a learning activity that is stimulating and engenders a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The intent of the thesis is to provide an opportunity for the master’s degree candidates to refine, in some cases acquire, a range of skills at an appropriate level to conduct a competent research project. A successful thesis is an evidence that the candidate has acquired the minimum level of research skills required and can therefore be accredited a master’s degree. Skills required of thesis writers are those associated with research design, data collection, information management, analysis of data, synthesis of data with existing knowledge, and critical evaluation of the writer’s own ideas and those presented in the literature reviewed. The thesis should be written in English within a given period of time and comply with commonly accepted principles of academic ethics.

Course results

  • Identify a gap in the financial economics literature which is relevant to the continuously changing contemporary world.
  • Cultivate a habit to critically test the up-to-date theories with empirical data.
  • Critically evaluate various research methods and select appropriate ones for the given topic (with limitations and assumptions clearly outlined).
  • Thoroughly analyse the available data with the theory-methodology-data triangle intact and well synthesised.
  • Develop communication skills both in the written form as well as in presentation to maintain attentions of the intended readers/audience and to sustain critical and constructive discussions in the field of financial economics.


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