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This course provides the critical element of analytical and intellectual examination and reflection of certain core issues in the practice of leadership. These objectives will be achieved through open discussion, honest self-assessment, experiential exercises, and observation of real-life leadership practice.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Demonstrate the understanding of the concept of effective leadership, its utility and relevance to managing business or other field of human activity.
  • Compare and contrast traditional and emergent paradigms of leadership and apply critical thinking to leadership theories and practices.
  • To be able to form teams and provide them with clear vision, mission, values and strategic goals; create a most favorable atmosphere for creative team work.
  • Diagnose current strengths and development needs as team leaders and as learners.
  • Understand gender and cultural influences on leadership.
  • Develop increased personal awareness about student’s own leadership practice through self-reflection.
  • Demonstrate skills of collaborative learning, facilitating the learning of others and helping others become better leaders.


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