Komunikacijos teorijos (MNG242)

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Anglų kalba
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Course goals

This course introduces students to communication theories and the research methods associated with each. Of particular emphasis is the application of these theories to personal, professional, and mediated settings. At the end of the course, students should be able to use the terminology associated with communication theories and apply them to communication events. Students should demonstrate spoken and written communication competence, analyze communication phenomenon from different perspectives as well as apply knowledge of communication theories to “real world” issues.

Course results

  • The student is able to explain and apply the key terms, definitions and concepts relating communication.
  • The student can analyse the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication on communication quality and effectiveness.
  • The student can assess the role of the human factor over technological progress and mass communication devices.
  • The student can compare and contrast the major interpersonal, intercultural, organizational and global communication concepts and apply them in the assessment of practical everyday life situations.
  • The student can evaluate the impact that culture and communication has on international business and multicultural organizations.
  • The student can recognize and the underlying  communication phenomena in real and fictional situations.
  • The student can participate in teamwork and display teamwork results in written or oral form, to be able to argue decisions.
  • The student can argue decisions, can question and respond to criticism and different opinions in debates and discussions.