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This course is designed to provide an overview of corporate image and brand management, including particular integrated marketing communication methods and techniques that make it possible for organizations to build their favorable brands.

Students will become familiar with concepts of branding strategy, brand architecture, brand archetypes, personal branding, organizational identity, image and reputation; identify differences between the three of them; become aware of the role that strategic PR plays in the process of brand management. Specific elements and methods of integrated marketing communication will be presented during lectures and tested in-class through article reviews, videos, mid-term exam, final exam and various other projects including key concepts table, personal branding, success and failures in various rebranding and PR cases.

Dalyko tikslas

To provide students the fundamental knowledge of corporate communication and brand management principles by evoking goal-oriented thinking that combines creativity and analytical skills.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • To name and define the major theories, nature of corporate communication concepts; its historical emergence and role in contemporary companies
  • To identify, analyze and differentiate corporate image, identity in relation to corporate reputation
  • To prepare and design press release for press conference project which helps students to understand and explain what manner companies should communicate their corporate image
  • To comprehend the critical role of corporate communications (including PR activities) in building and maintaining relationships with employees and customers
  • To analyze brand management principles, personal branding
  • To work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to argue decisions


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