Grupės dinamika ir efektyvios komandos vystymas

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The main aim of the course is to provide knowledge and understanding of group dynamics processes and principles of effective team development. The course is designed to help students in developing both intellectual and emotional understanding of many aspects of personal and group dynamics. It is designed to help you develop strategies, skills, and techniques to improve interpersonal and group dynamics in classroom settings as well as in the real world. Students will develop action plans to improve your interactions in your everyday life.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Can apply theories and models of person perception, communication and group dynamics to analyzing and improving workplace relationships and groups.
  • To be able to critically evaluate own leadership style and skills for further development as an effective team member.
  • To able to reflect upon and apply various collaboration and conflict solving technics in various group settings.
  • Can identify an interpersonal problem and design a change plan based on an understanding of social science theories or models.


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