Google Sprint ir Lean Startup metodologijos

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Dalyko tikslas

Practice the Lean startup cycle “Ideate-build-measure-learn”.
Students will learn how to pivot and test business ideas and models in a short period of time.
Students will learn the two most popular Agile approach to business development Lean Startup and Google Sprint.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • To understand and to be able to develop Lean Startup Canvas for business idea.
  • To understand Google Sprint methodology and build a workshop plan.
  • 3 To be able to use one of those frameworks to solve an emerging problem in a short period of time during the Hackathon.
  • To be able to understand what information is needed to support business development and being able to gather it.
  • To be able to link human needs, possibilities of technology, and requirements for business success.


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