Globalios tiekimo grandinės valdymas (MNG243)

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Anglų kalba
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Course description


Course goals

This course will introduce you to the key aspects of supply chain management and place them in a global context. The course lays the foundations that will allow you to expand your knowledge in global supply chain management, developing a problem-solving oriented mindset. You will gain an awareness of key theories and practical techniques in global supply chain management, and you will apply them to conceptual exercises and case studies. You will also explore and experience the digital transformation of global supply chain management. All these aspects of the course will build your professional skills, rendering you an attractive resource for companies.

Course results

  • Introduce students to the core concepts of global supply chain management.
  • Understand the importance of supply chain network design and acquire practical skills on the topic.
  • Understand the importance of demand forecasting and learn demand forecasting techniques.
  • Understand the importance of inventory management and learn inventory management techniques.
  • Learn the different sourcing and transportation policies and understand when to adopt them.
  • Understand the risks affecting the global supply chain and how to manage them.


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