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The course introduces key concepts related to Emotional Intelligence and explores the different ways emotion is socially and discursively constructed, and how emotions manifest in everyday human interactions with technology and each other, and organizational life. Students will learn about emotional expressions, emotions’ control, abuse/bullying, compassion, stress, and burnout; how emotion norms are formed in teams and organizations. Students will learn and practice emotional hygiene activities including reflection and meditation; micro-practices as emotional labour, social support, compassion, and empathy, and engagement through face-to-face activities, and mediated interaction, storytelling, venting, joking, and advice-giving. The course will also deal with the role of being emotionally intelligent during the digital transformation process in the organization. The course is based on numerous practical real-life cases, examples, and managerial tools.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Students understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence and related EQ skills.
    Able to identify and name prevailing feelings and emotions of his own and other people, can reflect on it.
  • Students understand the impact of bullying and other negative emotions on other people and can elaborate an action plan for restraining them.
  • Aware of tools and technics for “being” emotionally intelligent and able to grow their empathy and compassion level.


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