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This final bachelor thesis/ project will require students to apply knowledge, various methods, concepts and skills they have learned in multiple disciplines during the programme and apply them to the development of new service/product/essential improvement at the approved company or to the new venture creation. Thus, students are provided with two options for writing their bachelor thesis:

Option 1: Thesis on a new service/product development/essential improvements at the approved company.
Option 2: A business project: Development of own business: full business and finance plan, MVP/service, traction.

Dalyko rezultatai

Learning outcomes for Option 1:

  • To be able to define the research problem and the main goals of a Thesis in a concise way.
  • Be able to integrate the theoretical knowledge obtained in the bachelor studies.
  • Be able to apply the knowledge to identify a business relevant problem.
  • To be able to perform a review of academic literature, relevant to the problem-area and the main goals of a thesis.
  • To be able to prepare and conduct (on an individual basis) an empirical research in order to suggest managerial solutions.
  • Be able to present a testable hypothesis, consistent with assumptions derived from literature review.
  • Be able to collect quantitative and/ or qualitative data and perform appropriate empirical analysis to solve the research problem.
  • Be able to formulate, select, analyze and generalize the information relevant for managerial solutions.
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in academic writing, proper literature citation and compilation of a reference list.
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to present findings of the thesis to an academic and business community.

Learning outcomes for Option 2:

  • Will be able to select an area of entrepreneurship that relates to, influences and/or underpins the entrepreneurial practice.
  • Will be able to demonstrate knowledge and the practical skills in researching, planning, and executing a business plan for a new venture.
  • Will be able to exhibit an ability to assess the risks and opportunities in operationalizing a business plan.
  • Will be able to compile a research paper on an entrepreneurial construct that may help in building your envisaged career path.
  • Will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of the requirements for the academic paper.
  • Will be able to effectively present and discuss their work with the audience.
  • Students will demonstrate ethical awareness on issues such as confidentiality, anonymity, different forms of consent, plagiarism.


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