Asmenybės ir karjeros vystymas (HUM164)

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To reach excellence as a student and as a (future) leader, it is not only necessary to develop hard skills, but also to master soft skills through which we can develop and improve ourselves, and our relationships with others. Taking on an explicit psychological perspective, this course aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical knowhow and practical tools that should enable them to both understand and apply pathways to (inter)personal, and intellectual success and to emotional flourishing. Topics that will be covered are: “self and personality”, “creativity”, “critical thinking”, “self-presentation” and “self-branding”. At the end of this course students are expected to have become acquainted with and have mastered/applied a range of soft skills that are quintessential for personal development and that are valued by, and sought after by employers.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Students will be able to explain major theories and findings from psychology research into personality, social groups, emotions, and critical thinking.
  • Students will be able to formulate credible and meaningful real-life applications of the major psychology theories and findings covered in the course.
  • Students will be able to critically reflect on the importance of soft skills for their student and/or professional life.
  • Students will be acquainted with a host of practical skills, aimed at bolstering their creative, self-presentation and self-branding skills.
  • Students will be able to apply the practical skills on creativity, self-presentation and self-branding that they will be taught.


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