Asmeniniai finansai (FIN115)

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The objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of financial decision making framework as it relates to personal (household) finance The major topics covered include: prudent debt management, savings and investments, retirement planning, insurance. Students will learn how to evaluate different services provided by financial institutions as well as learn how to effectively use those services to their own benefit and the benefits of their future clients. An emphasis is drawn on the ethical considerations that financial advisers are facing in their work.

Dalyko tikslas

The course is intended to introduce students to the main elements, methods and principles of personal finance. It will provide basic knowledge and skills applicable to this are.

Dalyko rezultatai

• Appreciate the need of financial planning and its impact on wealth of the households.
• Identify and follow wise debt management practices.
• Apply concepts of time value of money to solve various financial planning problems.
• Identify and successfully manage risks that individuals and families face.
• Recognize, describe and evaluate various banking and investment products in the liquidity/risk and return framework.
• Identify and engage in sound investment management practices.
• Acquire and demonstrate awareness of consumer protection/regulation.
• Demonstarte familiarity with ethical responsibilities inherent in the work of financial advisers.
• Work in teams, present work results in writing and oral presentation.


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