Branding & user centric approach: the tale of a perfect marriage.


  • Gediminas Užkuraitis, partner & brand advisor at Synthesis Consulting Group
  • Ieva Bieliūnaitė-Jankauskienė, ISM alumna and partner & strategist at TBWA\Vilnius
  • Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė, ISM alumna, founder & strategist at Persona Cognita

Date: 4th of February, 18:00 (GMT+2 time zone)

Most of us could probably name a brand, which continuously wows or even bewilders us. Why do some brands fashion such feelings and others do not? This is where branding comes into play. It is a key to consumers’ hearts and minds. A strategically developed brand can convey a compelling and mesmerising message. In much the same way, personal branding can enhance a person’s value. So how can you make your brand (personal or physical product) stand out in a crowded market? What branding strategies and techniques will make you stay one step ahead of others? How can a user centric approach be exercised to benefit the brand?


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About the speakers:

Gediminas Užkuraitis is a brand advisor to startups, corporates and state institutions, merging the fields of strategy, design and communication. He is a partner at Synthesis Consulting Group, leading the area of brand creation and transformation.

Ieva Bieliūnaitė-Jankauskienė is ISM alumna and partner & strategist at TBWA\Vilnius. She is a marketing expert, consulting local and international businesses on strategy for more than ten years now. Also, she act as business strategy consultant at CreditInfo Group.

Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė is ISM alumni, founder & strategist at Persona Cognita. Dominyka is one of the most famous personal branding experts in Lithuania and has been consulting the business on marketing and communication issues as well as help people to build thei brands. Also, she is senior lecturer and teaches Integrated Marketing Communications subject in International Marketing and Management programme at ISM.