What does it take to be a leader? Tips from TOP leaders for future executives

The sign of a true leader is the ability to inspire others and encourage them to develop their leadership skills. As more and more companies experience a gap in leadership and struggle to find skilled employees, who can guide teams, leadership becomes one of the most relevant topics in the business environment.

During this discussion, we will invite experienced leaders to discuss the biggest challenges that young managers face and what it is they lack at the start of their careers. The speakers will share their insights and recommendations for future executives on what qualities and skills are most desirable, how to accelerate the leadership learning process and how to become a future leader.

The following experts will share their expertise:
– Mariano Andrade Gonzalez, country manager at „Moody‘s Corporation“
– Monika Laukaitė, country manager at „Wix.com“ and ISM alumna
– Dr. Vita Akstinaitė, leadership expert and a professor at ISM
– Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, the president of ISM