For teachers

Teachers at ISM university –any employee or contractor of the University that is engaged in teaching or evaluating ISM students – have a particular set of responsibilities according to academic ethics and integrity.


The responsibilities of teachers, broadly speaking:

  1. “ The first responsibility of university teachers is the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and understanding through teaching and research. They must devote their energies conscientiously to develop their scholarly competence and effectiveness as teachers.
  2. They must be conscientious in the preparation and organization of their subject matter and should revise this periodically in the light of developments in their fields.
  3. They must conscientiously strive to improve the methods of presentation of their subjects to their students.
  4. They must encourage the free exchange of ideas between themselves and their students.
  5. They must always be fair to their students. It is unethical for them to exploit students for their private advantage. It is unethical for them to utilize the work of students in a publication without appropriate attribution.
  6. They are guilty of unethical conduct if they act so as to prevent the fulfillment of these responsibilities by themselves or by other members of the academic community.
  7. They must keep in confidence all privileged information gained about a student, whether concerning academic progress, personal life or political and religious views. Nevertheless, they may reveal information about the academic standing of students in response to a request from a reputable source; they may refer to the student's character only insofar as this is relevant. When acting as referees, they must strive to be fair and objective.”


Plagiarism and cheating

While teachers should be vigilant to prevent and detect cheating, and while teachers must report instances of plagiarism or cheating when they detect or have reason to believe that a student has done so, the Committee does not believe that teachers are responsible for, nor should they be held accountable for, the academic misconduct of their students.

To learn more about what constitutes plagiarism and cheating, please consult our descriptions here.