ISM Admission procedures


Early admission has started from February 1st online:


Early admission is the first opportunity for international applicants to ensure their successful enrolment at ISM University of Management and Economics. Although there is a possibility to enter ISM during the late admission held in June or July, it is highly recommended for international applicants to apply during the early admission, in order to ensure a timely completion of all the enrolment procedures (application pack, visa and TRP, SKVC evaluation etc.).
The early admission is mostly beneficial to applicants that already have a secondary education diploma (i.e. have graduated from high school before 2018) as they can successfully complete all the steps of admission and sign the study contract, ensuring their enrolment to ISM by the end of April.
 Nevertheless, applicants that are still in their final year of high school are also strongly encouraged to apply during early admission and submit 1.5 years marksheet from school  in order to begin the application procedure as early as possible and upon fulfilment of all the requirements, receive conditional acceptance.

Please submit your application online
Please note that applications missing any of the documents listed in the guide to application or missing the deadline to deliver any documents will not be considered for admission.
For additional information please contact the Admissions’ Office:
Arkliu Str. 18,
LT – 01129 Vilnius, Lithuania
Working hours: 8 a.m - 5 p.m​
Ph.: +370 5 212 39 53
Fax.: +370 5 212 39 61