The career story of ISM graduate Aleksėjus Zubcovas

“ISM University is a good place for people who want to start their own business. There you will meet not only friends, but also like-minded people, with whom you can create something innovative or you will have the opportunity to create an activity that will create additional income.

Nocoin’s monetary history began with ISM, when co-founder Tomas Gedvilas suggested that we create some kind of business together. Soon we started working on wallets that have a mechanism. Since at that time (October 2018) there was nothing like this in Lithuania, we began to look for a partner who could make aluminum trays for us. Tom was responsible for the product, while I was in charge of sales. We came up with a name that matched the wallet – Nocoin . We created a website through which we started trading –

We knew we had little recognition, so we wanted to diversify sales through e-commerce, b2b orders, physical stores and fairs. It was never our main activity, so Tom had to step back, because of other work. I continued to grow the business because I always enjoyed having more activities.

Currently, Nocoin wallets are used by about 2500 users and I am glad that customers come back because they increasingly want to surprise their friends with unique gifts. Since I have always worked with sales, it was not difficult for Nocoin to attract both B2C and B2B customers. Currently, Nocoin wallets can be purchased in 7 physical stores. We are chosen by companies looking for gifts for customers or employees. Our B2B clients were “Tesonet”, “ITO” and even foreign capital companies.”