Business Consulting Project

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Course description

Business Consulting Project (BCP) is a multidisciplinary subject that gives an opportunity to apply and further develop classroom skills and tools learned at university in a real world setting. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop basic personal, social, methodological skills. The project consists of a market analysis with primary and secondary research and the development of clear and realizable measures, suggestions and concepts. The team plans and conducts primary research, collects and analyses data and draws appropriate conclusions. The dynamic nature of organizations and significant environmental forces have given rise to rapidly developing topics that promise to ensure that BCP will continue to be a useful subject study.

Course goals

The module aims to introduce students to the major business consulting concepts and be ready to systematically evaluate and solve problems related to business consulting projects.

Course results

  • Knowledge and its application. Demonstrate and apply knowledge from all former subjects to a real assignment,   develop and structure a realizable concept.
  • Research skills. Gain skills how to synthesize theoretical knowledge of business management and undertake a sustained piece of empirical research aiming to identify possibilities for competitive advantage.
  • Special abilities. Be able to analyze the organizational capability to innovate and provide recommendations for management opportunities.
  • Social abilities. Work under pressure and be able to take criticism, be able to find constructive solutions.
  • Personal abilities. Develop personal and professional abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.