UX Design and Rapid Prototyping (MNG258)

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Course goals

This course deep-dives into the next steps of the design process - Prototype and Test. The course will familiarize with creating user flows, interaction design and explore the difference between UI and UX. Students will examine the art of doing prototyping ideas through paper and other low fidelity prototypes, as well as using industry-accepted digital tools such as Adobe XD, Framer, Sketch, Proto.io, and Origami. The course also explores the Ethics of UX Design and the fundaments of

Students will use fieldwork methods of gathering data that they have learned in the course ”Introduction to Design Thinking and fieldwork”. The course is based on numerous practical, real-life cases, examples, and tools for prototyping ideas and based on research and insights on people’s needs. It develops skills of prototyping and testing ideas with potential users. This course will enhance students working on their continuous complex project.

Course results

  • To be able to develop user-centered design suggestions by creating digital and analog prototypes.
  • To be able to analyze people’s behaviors and reasoning in order to identify design improvements.
  • To be able to communicate complex and abstract information in a convincing, inviting and memorable manner.
  • To be able to understand what information is needed to support decisions and gather it.
  • To be able to link human needs, possibilities of technology, and requirements for business success.