Finance Fundamentals for Start-Ups (FIN129)

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Course goals

The course objective is to introduce students to the main elements, methods, and principles of finance. It will provide basic knowledge and skills applicable to personal and managerial finance. Course starts with a general overview of finance, introduces to financial concepts, instruments, and techniques used in financial decision making. The first part of the course focuses on basic financial data, financial statements, cash flows, also main financial concepts as time value of money, risk and return, interest rates. The second part of the course deals with financial management.

Course results

  • Explain financial system elements and their activities and functions via systemic approach.
  • Explain and analyse saving and investing, financial assets, interest rate concepts and their importance in financial market.
  • Analyse goals of the firm and role of the financial manager in financial decision making.
  • Prepare and explain financial statements: Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement.
  • Evaluate proforma financial statements and budgets.
  • Critically comment on financial activities of firms from ethical point of view.
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