ISM Investment Club

Here we are striving to form a community around sharing and deepening our knowledge of financial tools, trends and best investment decisions.

In order to participate effectively and meaningfully in the club, newcomers are expected to listen to a 10week program. Topics that will be covered during this program:

  1. Intro Session
  2. Capital Markets and Investment Philosophy
  3. Introduction to Financial Statements
  4. Financial Statement Analysis and Ratios
  5. Company Stock Analysis
  6. Consumer Staples Sector Analysis
  7. Healthcare Sector Analysis
  8. A Sector of Your Choice
  9. Futures, Options, Swaps and Bonds
  10. Bad to Good – Practical Examples of Companies

To continue the development of our club members beyond the 10WP, more attention is given to trading stocks and building the club’s portfolio. This way by using financial simulators the club can provide safe opportunities to practice analysis and investing skills. However, we heavily encourage all members to take the opportunity to use such simulators to practice the learnt techniques by creating your personal portfolio. We believe that this is the best way to keep yourself motivated and practicing. Afterwards, new members will be able to reach a point where they could suggest their own ideas on how the club’s portfolio should look like.

After all this, newcomers are welcomed as fully matured club members and gain the ability to advance in the club’s hierarchy by joining the club’s management.

This year we are reaching out to various student investment clubs. We believe that it is impossible to properly educate our members on the world of finance and how it benefits them without experiencing the different approaches to and methods of investing done by a variety of regional and international student clubs. In order to get that broader understanding, we hope to host a variety of intra-club events (online conferences and competitions). Therefore, your involvement as a member will directly affect the material, tasks and activities provided for you.

For more information on the club or on joining procedures you can contact us via our e-mail or message us on our Facebook page ISM Investment Club.

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