ISM Chess Club

Chess is the most popular board game in the world that has origins from ancient times dating even Ancient Egypt and Dynastic China. Its impact on increasing a person’s IQ is undeniable. ISM Chess Club was founded in 2018, February and had a rapid growth from the beginning. The goal is to bring together chess lovers and like-minded people to practice this royal ancient game and learn together. Chess significantly improves persons strategic thinking, abstract reasoning, problem-solving skills, patience, pattern recognition, and foresight. It has a strongly positive influence on brain functioning and academic performance.

Play chess regularly in our club to master this magic game. Join the elite community that consisted of famous people such as Benjamin Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Napoleon, Pope John Paul II, Edgar Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Ludwig van Beethoven, and many others!

“My best advice for young players is to simply enjoy the game and have fun. And if you enjoy it, you are a winner regardless of the results.” – Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian Chess Grandmaster.