Prof. Dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė

Dean of Doctoral Studies, Professor

Professor Dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė is the Dean of the Doctoral School and the Chairperson of the Doctoral Committee at ISM University of Management and Economics. Previously she held HRM Programme Director’s position at ISM Executive School. She is an expert at the Research Council of Lithuania and at the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education of Lithuania. Her research areas are sustainable HRM and employee well-being, HRM in the context of emerging technologies, and diversity management. Her research has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Vocational Behavior, The International Journal of Human Resource Management and others journals. She is on the editorial boards of Human Resource Management (Wiley) and Human Resource Management Review (Elsevier), and was (2010-2013) the Editor of Personnel Management Directory for HR professionals, published by the Lithuanian business newspaper Business News (Verslo žinios). Prof. Bučiūnienė serves as the Ambassador for Lithuania at the Academy of Management HR Division’s Ambassadors Program. She has led and has been involved in research projects founded by the European Union, Fondation Robert Shuman, Lithuanian Research Council, and others. She participates in international research initiatives and networks, represents Lithuania in CRANET network on International Human Resource.


  • Received the Scholar of the Year 2010 Award.

Research areas

  • Sustainable HRM
  • HRM and employee well-being
  • HRM in the context of emerging technologies
  • Diversity management

Teaching areas

  • Social Research Development and Methodology (Doctoral School)


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