Benas Adomavičius

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer Benas Adomavičius heads the Strategic Management program at ISM Executive School. Benas Adomavičius is a professional whose expertise includes working for consulting companies locally and internationally in the USA and Europe. He helps companies to develop and implement the best of breed strategic management solutions. Over the past 15 years, Benas Adomavičius has consulted and taught over 1000 managers and owners of companies on topics in strategic management. In his consulting practice, he helped a wide variety of organizations to develop and implement business or corporate strategies. He has worked with a wide variety of organizations from ministries, to the largest Lithuanian companies, to small and medium enterprises.

In his academic work, Benas Adomavičius supervises and teaches strategic management module at Executive education school in Vilnius at the ISM University of Management and Economics while also teaching at various institutions in Baltic countries, Finland and Germany. Benas Adomavičius also acts as a business idea and plan evaluator for the Agency for Science, Innovation, and Technology (MITA) Lithuania. Benas Adomavičius has obtained a Master of Business Management and administration at the ISM University of management and economics, Vilnius (Lithuania) as well as participated in over 40 various courses in topics of strategic management, marketing, and scientific research and is a certified Business process management and performance-measuring expert.

Research areas

  • Strategic management

Teaching areas

  • Business and corporate strategy