Aleksandr Christenko

Lecturer, ISM Doctoral student in Economics

With an interest in all things statistics, Aleksandr has extensive experience in applying different statistical approaches on a variety of datasets. This includes, creating a model that both collects and analyses job proposals from variety of online job portals in Lithuania, creating an approach to estimate the fragmentation of participation in the EIT Digital using social network analysis, estimate the impact of training programmes in different EU-28 regions using synthetic control methods, and more. He gained majority of his experience by working on different EU level projects at Visionary Analytics, where currently he is employed as a researcher. Apart from his work, Aleksandr also has a huge interest in finding new interesting, exciting, and useful statistical methods (including data mining and machine learning ones) and applying them to real life data. Aleksandr holds a BSc in Economics and Politics from ISM University and MSc in Computer Modelling from Vilnius University.

Research areas

  • Novel statistical approaches (e.g. survival analysis, synthetic control methods)
  • Machine learning
  • Labour markets

Teaching areas

  • Statistics
  • Data mining
  • Econometrics


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