Rytis Mėdžius

Rytis Mėdžius

Director, EXTERUS

Graduate of the ISM Executive School

I enrolled with the ISM Executive School after I graduated from my business management studies at Vilnius University. The key difference was that ISM makes you think rather than conform. Business management is not something you can learn by reading books. You must learn to think and make decisions. In my opinion, studies which only make you learn the things you are told do not help educate a manager capable of decision making. All they do is produce civil servants at their most.

The greatest benefit of my studies at ISM results from cooperation with other students and teachers in situations where theoretical knowledge is imparted along with the opportunity to learn from each other. Here I found a community which comes together to learn rather than merely get a diploma. It is also worth mentioning that studies at ISM expanded my circle of business and personal acquaintances. It was both useful and fun.

I like the ISM’s attitude to business and studies. It is obvious that there is a huge gap between managers and employees and that both sides have to take efforts to reduce it. At the same time, managers are the ones who make the rules of the game. In my opinion ISM is capable of promoting changes in the business sector of Lithuania. Therefore, I greatly value the activities undertaken by the university and contribute to it myself through my active participation in the ISM MA Club and the ISM Foundation.