Romualda Stragienė

Romualda Stragienė

CEO of the Lithuanian cosmetics company, BIOK Laboratorija


Romualda Stragienė became the CEO of BIOK Laboratorija at the beginning of 2017. Career changes, a large family and teaching at the same time are possible only because of her discipline and flexibility. Meanwhile periodic studies at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme keep her motivated.


ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme – not leisure courses

When I started working after my master studies at Vilnius University I knew that I wanted to do further study. To be honest, the choice was quite limited. Studies at ISM are very convenient for a manager who is working and has practical experience, because they provide the freedom to choose what you want to study and when you want to study.

Studying inspires me. It is an excellent motivation tool and, in addition, a path for personal and professional development. When you are studying you gain new ideas, contacts and insights. Sometimes during classes, you come up with ideas for your work which you would not be able to generate in your office. At the time I studied four modules in a row I was very close to burning out. The constant huge workload led to exhaustion and doubts as to why I needed to do this, but after a break I felt I needed to “fuel up”, I needed a new challenge, so I returned and completed the Organisational Consulting module.

The University is not for leisure courses, you have to gain theoretical knowledge. From my own experience I can say that the Marketing module helped me structure my fragmented marketing knowledge and everything made more sense. Many wondered why, as a successful marketing manager, I chose this module. But it made a tremendous difference in my work as I could match theory, latest models and research with my daily activities. Later, I chose the Finance module because I wanted to get the hang of an area which was a total blank for me. I gained excellent basics and when I was promoted to CEO I appreciated the fact that I already had this knowledge. Otherwise, I would have to take the module now, and that would be much more complicated.

Also you gain a lot of knowledge from your fellow students and expanding you network is very useful. I am also regularly invited to ISM events and I am very happy to be part of the ISM community even after my studies.

For future students at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme I hope that they will discover their true selves. This doesn’t only happen in the Leadership module, where students are actively encouraged to analyse themselves, which leads to tremendous changes in their personal and professional lives, but I believe you can discover your true self in the Finance module as well. The process of studying and communicating with fellow students can reveal competences and personal traits that you never knew you had or ever had a chance to nurture. All you need is to dedicate yourself to your studies completely and get the maximum out of the process.