ISM conducts world-class scientific research on the topics of Sustainability Management and Sustainable Growth, Emerging Technologies and Data-Driven Decision-Making, Leadership and Value Co-Creation, and Technologies and Sustainable Growth in Economics and Finance

About research

ISM University of Management and Economics aims at new knowledge and ideas development and communication to create future perspectives in economics, politics and business. The internationally oriented research is committed to excellence, addressing the evolving challenges of society, economy and corporate sector, aiming at wider impact and delivery of public benefit. Research groups are focused on areas relevant to governments, economies, businesses, locally and regionally, and contribute to the development of research-based education, supporting blended learning opportunities.
University is distinguished for strong institutional relationship with business sector, national and international professionals’ and researchers’ associations and bodies, as well as partnerships with leading international researchers and research groups. Participation in strong international networks support active research collaborations and joint publications, including those in highly ranked journals. Researchers have experience in attracting and successful implementation of national grants, participation in international projects within priorities defined by Horizon 2020.
ISM University is an acknowledged expert and a knowledge centre in developing relevant research with business and for business. ISM actively produces research that contributes to strengthening the economy, driving innovation, and addressing challenging problems towards a sustainable and prosperous society. Research conducted by ISM faculty informs products, business practices and strategies for the future.
Prof. dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė
Vice President for Studies and Research

Research areas


Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Finance and Economics


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