RCL: Modernization of Public Governance in Lithuania: historical institutional analysis of the diffusion, adaptation contextualization of management ideas


The project aims to better understand how and why modern management ideas travel, are selected, and are contextualized in Lithuanian government institutions. Empirical research is based on the narrative analysis of changes of institutional logic, with particular emphasis on the interplay between soviet nomenclatura, post-soviet and continental Europe administrative traditions. It is expected that project results will help to better understand the peculiarities of implementing changes in the public sector organizations in Eastern European context. This knowledge can be translated into recommendations for practitioners, managers and leaders of public sector organizations who are willing to change.


Project duration: 04 2017 - 09 2019
Budget: 102 295  EUR
Project manager: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Modestas Gelbūda
Project research team: Zilvinas Zidonis, Ruta Kazlauskaite, Egle Verseckaite (Grzeskowiak), Karolis Navickas
Funding: Lithuanian Research Council programme "Modernity in Lithuania"