RCL: Sustainable human resource management in the context of emerging technologies (09.3.3-LMT-K-712-01-0156)

Research projects
RCL: Sustainable human resource management in the context of emerging technologies (09.3.3-LMT-K-712-01-0156)
National research projects

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Tik stojant išankstinio priėmimo metu:
  • Gali gauti iki 100% nuolaidą studijoms.
  • Turėsi galimybę gauti praktikos pasiūlymą ir susipažinti su darbdaviais.
  • Būsi vertinami, ne tik tavo pažymiai, bet ir motivacija.

Kitos Naujienos ir Renginiai

Business Management and Marketing

You will get a strong foundation in management, develop analytical skills and solve real problems faced by companies. You will delve into marketing, human resources, finance and processes.

Sustainable Process and Technology Management (admissions will start in 2024)

During your studies, you will learn the latest and most successful management methods, you will learn how innovations are born, you will learn how to manage projects of various sizes and you will be ready to lead a team of technicians, engineers or programmers.


This program equips future financial experts with skills that will respond to technological changes and global market trends.

Economics and Politics

This programme erases the traditional boundaries between the disparate fields of economics, political science, and business.

Economics and Data Analytics

Students of the programme learn to understand and analyse economic processes at all levels – from user behavior to global economic trends.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

You will experiment, learn through experience, get acquainted with the world of technology and, most importantly, discover your place in it. After your studies, you will be able to develop a startup or move up the career ladder in a variety of innovative companies.

International Business and Communication

Program aims to let you see the world of business from all angles – communication, marketing, social responsibility, and international economics.

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