Birutė Ruplytė
Phone number: 
+370 616 242 12
Short description / mini CV: 

Birute Ruplyte is a consultant-expert at ISM Executive School. She has master degrees in business administration and organizational psychology. She has more than 10 years of experience in leading trainings and lectures at Executive School, programme designer for long term organizational behaviour and leadership development programmes.

Birute leads trainings and consults organizations in management and leadership, team management fields; carries out 360-degree management and leadership assessment (UK and USA), Denison High Performing Organization (USA) evaluation, certified consultant of DiSC tools (USA).

Areas of competence:
- Management and Leadership
- Organizational Development and Organizational Culture
- Team Management


Ruplytė, B. (2010) Bendravimo psichologija.

Ruplytė, B. (2010) Bendravimo psichologija. Elektroninis vadovėlis, Vilnius: ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas, 357 p. ISBN 978-9955-792-20-8.