Groningen - BI - ISM Research Camp in Consumer Behavior


ISM in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and University of Groningen will host Research Camp in Consumer Behavior – Core Frontiers, 5th Meeting, on 3-6 September, 2019.

The key aim of the camp is to help to develop research projects by extensively discussing key questions and issues in a friendly, noncompetitive, supporting atmosphere. CB researchers and doctoral students from University of Groningen, BI, ISM and University of South-Eastern Norway will present their recent research.


Room 411

September 3th, Tuesday
13:30-14:45 Stress and Consumption Anna Helen Balleyer, University of Groningen 
14:45-16:00 Effects of Food Organisation on Consumption Yannick Joye, ISM University of Management and Economics
16:15-17:30 “Because I’m Worth it": How Customer Identity Leads to Dysfunctional Behaviors Huy Tran, University of Southeastern Norway 
17:30-18:45 The Effect of Financial Constraints on Sharing Emanuela Stagno, BI Norwegian Business School 
September 4th, Wednesday
9:00-10:15 The Bright Side of Releasing the Brake: Does Online Disinhibition Foster Sustainable Consumer Choices? Žan Mlakar, University of Groningen 
10:15-11:30 Company Size, Free-Riding and Consumer Preferences Elze Uzdavinyte, ISM University of Management and Economics
11:45-13:00 Computer says no - when do we believe a computer to know us better than we do? Jasper Hidding, University of Groningen 
14:00-15:15 Does Power Make People More Vulnerable to Persuasion Farhana Tabassum, BI Norwegian Business School  
15:30-16:45 How Morality of an Enabling Act Depends on the Consequence of the Enabled Action Eisa Sahabeh Tabrizi, University of South-Eastern Norway 
September 5th, Thursday
9:00-10:15 Looking into the Future: Episodic Future Thinking Reduces Delay Discounting of the Financially Deprived Sumaya Albalooshi and Mehrad Moeini-Jazani, University of Groningen
10:15-11.30 Digital Form is Unfair: Why the Harry Potter Books Should Cost Less in Digital Form? Factors That Influence the Perceived Value of Digital Goods Gedas Kučinskas, ISM University of Management and Economics
11:45-13:00 Sticking to Alternative Medicine: The Role of Psycho-immunology Mesay Menebo, University of South-Eastern Norway