Research Seminar Studies into the effect of environmental and product aesthetics on consumer responses

ISM kindly invites to participate in Research Seminar "Studies into the effect of environmental and product aesthetics on consumer responses" led by Dr. Yannick Joye, Senior Researcher at ISM University of Management and Economics.
Seminar will take place on the 16th of May, 10:00, room 412.
In this research seminar, I will present the results of two ongoing research projects that look at how the aesthetics of consumer environments and stimuli can positively affect consumer behavior and responses. 
The first research project that I will present starts off from the popular notion (e.g., Jon Krakauer’s 1996 book Into the Wild and the film based on it) and from anecdotal accounts that link being in nature (e.g., standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon) to a reduced focus on materialistic pursuits. In the seminar, I will discuss the results of two studies (a correlational and a field study), both of which show that contact with natural environments can indeed counteract/dampen an individual’s materialistic inclinations.
The second project centers on the effect of product packaging on consumer responses and product success, and more specifically, on the effect of music album artwork on consumer judgment and choice. Based on the results from an archival data and lab study, I aim to show that music albums whose cover artwork exploits the “oblique effect” (i.e., the preference for visual stimuli with a predominance of cardinal versus oblique line/edge orientations) outperform music albums where this effect is not a play, as indicated by consumer music liking and by the albums’ chart positions. 
Speaker bio
Yannick Joye is a senior researcher at ISM University of Management and Economics. Having a background in philosophy, and having worked at various international universities (KULeuven, University of Groningen), his research currently focuses on how aesthetic aspects of consumer environments and products can affect consumption. Yannick Joye has published in esteemed peer-reviewed journals such as Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance and Journal of Environmental Psychology.
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