Research Seminar Sustainability of Circular Economy

ISM kindly invites to participate in Research Seminar "Sustainability of circular economy" led by Stig Irving Olsen, Associate Professor in sustainable production in the Quantitative Sustainability Assessment group at DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark.
Seminar will take place on the 12th of April, 10:00, room 408.
Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a sustainability assessment tool that was developed mainly in the 90’s. Since then there has been a continuous methodology development (e.g. from environmental to sustainability focus) and a still increasing application field. This talk aims to illustrate the application of LCA to qualify different circular design strategies and other circular economy approaches. Circular economy is a concept that has attracted wide attention in recent years, especially in Europe and the Asia-pacific region. In EU there is a circular economy action plan. However, applying LCA it is illustrated that a blind focus on circularity is not always the most sustainable approach. 
Speaker bio
Stig Irving Olsen is associate professor at the group for Quantitative Sustainability Assessment at DTU Management at Technical University of Denmark. He was educated as Environmental biologist from University of Copenhagen with a postgraduate education as toxicologist from the same university. He has a total of 9 years experience as a consultant in the field of toxicology and ecotoxicology. After some years as a consultant he did an Industrial PhD in “Life Cycle Assessment of basic chemicals” from Technical University of Denmark with 5 industrial partners, the main one being Novo Nordisk. He combined his knowledge and entered into methods development for Life Cycle Impact Assessment of toxic impacts, an area in which he was chairman for a SETAC working groups in 1999-2001 and later member of an ensuing WG. He found interest in nanotechnology with the increasing societal focus, the potential environmental benefits, and the potential risks of nanoparticles and he became member of a working group at the Danish board of technology and were invited to a number of governmental workshops in the USA and EU.  He has also studied other emerging technologies such as 3rd generation biofuels. He participated in 1 Horizon, 5 FP7 (4 as WP-leader) and 1 FP5 EU- projects. Three were related to technologies for recycling and lately he has done more research into circular economy e.g. together with Carlberg. He has served as a reviewer of research proposals for EU, Sweden, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland. He is senior editor and member of founding board for the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management and submission editor for International Journal of LCA. He has been teaching LCA and particularly application of simple LCA for 15 years and in four different courses and have supervised numerous bachelor, master, and PhD students in the field of LCA.
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