ISM University of Management and Economics will be temporarily led by Prof. dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė


On the 8th of October, the term of office of the current President and one of the founders of ISM University of Management and Economics, Assoc. Prof. Alfredas Chmieliauskas came to an end. Starting from that date, the current vice–president of ISM University –  Prof. dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė – will temporarily serve as the president of ISM.

It is expected that the new head of ISM will be elected by the end of this year during the regular elections. It is planned that the newly elected President will start his or her term of office at the beginning of the next semester, on the 4th of February, 2019.

Prof. dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė has been working at ISM since 2004. She holds a Doctor of Social Sciences degree from Kaunas University of Technology and Vytautas Magnus University.

She has participated in a number of international and national research and development projects in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Japan. Her research focuses on cross-cultural behavioral issues in real and virtual environments.

Currently, Prof. dr.Viltė Auruškevičienė is an International Director (Eastern Europe) of Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA), a member of American Marketing Association (AMA), and an editorial board member of Baltic Journal of Management.

Candidates for President of ISM University are invited to submit their applications by the 2nd of November.