Groningen - BI - ISM Research Camp in Consumer Behavior

ISM in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and University of Groningen will host Research Camp in Consumer Behavior – Core Frontiers, 4th Meeting, on 4-6 September, 2018.
The Research Camp initially has been initiated by Prof. Bob M. Fennis and Prof. Luk Warlop four years ago in Leuven and this year will be hosted by ISM University of Management and Economics. Around 16 Consumer Behaviour researchers and doctoral students from University of Groningen, BI Norwegian Business School and ISM will present their research.
The key aim of the meeting is to help to develop the research by extensively discussing key questions and issues jointly in a friendly, noncompetitive, supporting atmosphere. The presenters will have approximately 1,5 hours to discuss pertinent issues regarding their own project.
Meeting Presentations
September 4th, Tuesday
Room 411
14:30-15:45 Trapped in the Rabbit Hole: Life History Strategies Modulate the Impact of Mild Stress on Hedonic Consumption by Bob M. Fennis, University of Groningen
16:00-17:15 When Do Consumers Use Heuristics More: The Role of Power by Farhana Tabassum, BI Norwegian Business School
17:15-18:30 Early Life Experiences, Stress and Resilience by Justina Gineikiene, ISM University of Management and Economics
September 5th, Wednesday
Room 411
9:00-10:15 Size of The Company Effect on Consumer Behavior: An Evolutionary Perspective by Elze Uzdavinyte, ISM University of Management and Economics
10:15-11:30 What Happens When We Are Depleted? by Anna Helen Balleyer, University of Groningen
11:45-13:00 Pharma - Consumer Behavior by Mesay Moges Menebo, University College of Southeast Norway
14:00-15:15 The Unexpected Effects of The Emotion of Disgust on Consumer Behavior by Dovile Barauskaite, ISM University of Management and Economics
15:15-16:30 Status Signaling and Interpersonal Trust by Jana Holthöwer, University of Groningen
September 6th, Thursday
Room 411
9:00-10:15 What’s Wrong with Being Global – An Investigation of Perception of Healthiness of Global Products by Paulius Neciunskas, ISM University of Management and Economics
10:15-11.30 How and When Do Brands Rub Off on Consumers? by Jasper Hidding, University of Groningen
11:45-13:00 In the Mind of the Poor Consumers: How Poverty Affects Decision Making by Emanuela Stagno, BI Norwegian Business School
14:00-15:15 Valuation and Allocation of Bought Time by Eisa Sahabeh Tabrizi, University of South-Eastern Norway
15:15-16:30 Industry Social Acceptability Effect on Consumers' Reactions to Business Crises by Asta Kazlauskiene, ISM University of Management and Economics