New magazine at ISM Library: „Delayed Gratification“

Summer is here, so is „Delayed Gratification“! This magazine was started by five journalists who wanted to create antidote for fast paced digital media which provokes distorted competition and a need of being first, but not right. Magazine is proud to be „last of breaking news“ and call themselves  „the seagull following the trawler“. Every issue looks back at big stories that happened three months ago and asks questions „why?“ and „what now?“. „Delayed Gratification“ revisits stories after the dust has settled and uses an analytical approach to find details that may have been missed by other news media. This quarterly magazine excites not only by it‘s content but also by it‘s beautiful design. Each cover is a unique artwork made by artists from all over the world, magazine is ad free, made of quality content and smart infographics. Magazine also provides „how to make infographics“ classes. Magazines editorial team says: „Delayed Gratification“ is the slow journalism magazine for people who value substantial, considered features rather than knee-jerk partisan opinions“.

Ask for „Delayed Gratification“ at ISM library.