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ISM Excellent 100 scholarships: the most talented students stay in Lithuania

ISM Excellent 100 scholarship programme gives students, who are proactive and who finished secondary schools with the best grades, the opportunity to study for free at ISM University of Management and Economics. How does the life of a scholarship holder change? Why is scholarship important to a scholarship provider? Exploring the meaning and impact of ISM Excellent 100 scholarship programme, students and Alumni shared their ideas and experience in a storytelling session “Excellent 100 Scholarship Impact” organized by ISM Fund.

The event brought together current ISM Excellent 100 scholarship holders and former students, who received the first ISM Excellent 100 scholarships back in 2011 when this scholarship programme was launched. During the event, various storytelling techniques were used to tell the participants’ stories, while graphic facilitator Aušrinė Balkaitytė from represented the ideas visually. The exciting evening revealed how this scholarship programme can change a young person’s life and impact their future. 

“Every story of ISM Excellent 100 scholarship holder reveals the importance of belief and support of others. It empowers the students to reach further and higher in their lives. Often, a young person’s self-confidence is low and, thus, belief of others is crucial. It helps them to make the first step and gives them the courage to act,” says Jurgita Gaukštienė, Director of ISM Fund. 

During the meeting, ISM Excellent 100 scholarship holders shared their inspiring stories and joyous memories. They had plenty of cheerful moments during their years of study: experiencing the beauty of nature or climbing a mountain top while on exchange programme in Austria, the joy of winning an important game with ISM basketball team, the excitement of the first employment or being among the like-minded people. 

ISM University of Management and Economics Alumnus Linas remembers the day when he learned that he is among ISM Excellent 100 scholarship holders. After his graduation from secondary school, he worked as a warehouse keeper assistant. He asked for permission to check his email at work to learn the news: no people, enormous warehouse and a young man screaming of joy. 

ISM Excellent 100 scholarship gives students the freedom to be themselves and pursue successful careers. One of ISM Alumni shares her feeling of freedom when she started her first job in a business consulting company. Later, she was invited to work at one of the Big Four companies, and was one of the first to receive promotion after less than 12 months on the job.

Students understand the importance of ISM Excellent 100 scholarship programme and willingly contribute to activities of ISM Fund.

“During my volunteering time, we have raised a record breaking amount of money for scholarships. Nevertheless, I was worried if we are able to do the same next year. The new volunteering team kept my faith in the mission of ISM Fund. Their dedication allowed us to make a difference and reach ambitious objectives again. We must walk along the chosen path with confidence, and have faith that everything will be alright,” says Dovilė Purickaitė, Volunteer at ISM Fund.