English for Finance I (HUM163)

Course description

Speaking a language that is understood by decision makers is critical for success in business as well as in business studies. The primary goal of the Business English for Finance course is to provide instruction and practice in oral and written English using business-related topics as its content base. The course also aims at developing students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for academic purposes. Through a variety of team and individual assignments, the course is designed to develop students’ self-study skills and learner independence.

The course aims to:

  • build business and finance vocabulary;
  • practice speaking while successfully using sophisticated professional terminology;
  • develop reading of authentic material skills for general understanding as well as for detail;
  • improve students’ listening, reading, writing and critical thinking skills for academic and professional success;
  • expand interpersonal, academic and language abilities necessary to succeed in a university environment;
  • develop effective presentation skills;
  • develop creative problem solving and successful participation in meetings skills;
  • enhance writing for business purposes skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Read, listen to, understand and discuss authentic texts and topics related to studies for general idea and for detail; be able to understand and describe business trends and tendencies.
  • Derive vocabulary meaning from context, develop vocabulary building skills and acquiring sufficient vocabulary in the topic areas defined in the course outline.
  • Develop business communication skills in key performance areas, such as exchanging information, discussing and presenting business issues.
  • Take notes, analyze and systematize information, focus on structured speaking and writing skills.
  • Give winning presentations and successfully participate in meetings and discussions enhancing team working skills.