Leading Change and Innovations

International Consulting Project instead of Master Thesis

The Executive MBA program culminates with a capstone module that helps to integrate business theory and practice taught in the classroom through the application of newly acquired knowledge and skills with a real-world business objective.

Participants have the opportunity to engage in a real business consulting project in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa). During the visit, participants work in teams in the organization of their choice and demonstrate their problem solving, creativity, diagnosis and decision-making abilities and apply general business, management, change management and innovation knowledge.

The module draws participants into a cohesive team, developing peer support and team learning in the context of an organization-based consultancy task under the supervision of an academic member of the faculty. In this way, it develops their investigative and evaluative skills as well as increases their understanding of the business context of their chosen area of expertise.

Individually, this module enables each participant to reflect on his/her learning journey in the Executive MBA program and apply this to his/her own career and occupation.


Aim of the Module

To help participants build their self-esteem in an organizational environment, so that they can apply their learning from the Executive MBA studies and thus to manage, influence and work with other people more effectively.


International Consulting Project​

The Consulting Project is an intensive, full-time, seven-day consulting assignment (plus one month of preparation time) in which Executive MBA teams are highly focused on finding solutions to clients’ strategic issues. The project involves choosing a company from a wide range of high-profile organizations, diagnosing the business problem and providing recommendations. Projects may take different shapes but typically involve in-depth assessments of industry and market contexts, appraisals of key issues, reviews and evaluations of strategic options, recommendations and considerations for implementation and stakeholder engagement.

In addition, the Consulting Project introduces participants to culture-based challenges for doing business in a developing country and methods in diagnosing a problem and choosing the appropriate intervention tools in a developed and/or developing country context. During the project, participants deliver fresh, unbiased insights to the organizations. Together, they create innovative solutions with a real impact for the businesses in the challenging but vibrant and fast-changing business environment of South Africa.