IT Management


In this module, you will learn how digital technologies can be used by organizations to innovate various aspects of their business, such as business processes, products/services, and business models. The module analyses digital opportunities for businesses through disruptive digital technologies, such as social technologies and media, big data, Internet of Things. Of particular importance here are individual company case studies (GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), Uber, City Bee, and an academic and practical approach to how technologies transform companies and increase their competitiveness.

You will gain skills through the practical adaptation of tools related to business digitization.


Module aim

The primary aim of the module is to expose participants to a variety of disruptive digital technologies and to introduce them to the impact these technologies have on management and business functions (i.e. business model innovation, disruptive technologies in business, digital marketing, new digital consumer, sharing economy, etc.). Participants will be able to see the bigger picture of their companies’ digital transformation, will better understand their decisions and the problems they face, and will be able to raise the right questions in a given situation.