Leadership. A Journey of Leadership Transformation

This module provides a critical review of the key concepts, models, theories and practitioner approaches relating to leadership in organizations. During the module, participants will be familiarized with the most up-to-date and relevant practical methods for identifying, analyzing and developing their 21st century leadership philosophy and style.

Illustrations and the application of leadership principles will be demonstrated through experiential exercises, skill and mindset development practices, and a 12-month transformative learning piece embedded within the body of the module. Personal and professional growth will form a common theme throughout the module.


Aim of the Module

The aim of this module is to prepare Executive MBA students for leadership roles (nationally and internationally); specifically, to be able to lead in a multi-stakeholder context and cope successfully with the complex aspects of leadership challenges at different levels (individual, organizational and beyond). Students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of leadership, explore what it means to be an effective, agile and responsible leader and develop advanced leadership competencies at horizontal (e.g. leadership skills) and vertical (e.g. advanced cognitive abilities) levels. One of the most important goals of the Leadership module is to create a thought-provoking and very supportive thinking and conversational environment for the students, where they will be encouraged to share their tacit knowledge about leadership, be open to considering new theories, principles and models, and develop critical thinking skills in order to debate the advantages and disadvantages of existing and emerging popular leadership principles. Students are expected to define their own vision of their leadership style and philosophy and build the necessary mindset and skillset for that. The module was designed to evoke and support tangible behavioral and philosophical leadership changes in the students, so all of the lectures, conversations and assignments will serve that purpose.



Head of Leadership Module of ISM Executive MBA Programme Lėda Turai-Petrauskienė shares some insights about leadership:


International Experienced Educator Alan Matcham shares his insights about Leading in the 21st Century:


Leadership Consultant Dave Tullett shares his insights about Leading in the 21st Century: