The module provides a conceptual framework for viewing and understanding strategy and developing your strategic thinking. It helps participants acquire and put to use practical tools and experience in dealing with strategic issues. A thread that will run through the discussions and exercises during classes is the notion that strategy is all about making difficult choices.

Perspectives of business strategy and knowledge about how it is conceptualized and practiced will be offered in this module.

Its design is guided by the premise that top level managers are constrained by the firm’s strategy, its environment and its resources and, at the same time, strategy enhances their ability to manage, leverage and to ultimately change these constraints in ways that create opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

Strategy module helps participants to develop and implement cross-functional decisions towards the attainment of the organizations’ vision, mission and objectives using strategic management principles.

Bodo S. Schlegelmilch, professor of WU University of Vienna, lecturer of the Executive MBA programme shares his insights on marketing tendencies and the digital revolution.


 ISM Executive MBA programme lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Moran, twice awarded as the best teacher at London Business School, shares his insights on strategy and it‘s value creation for the company.