Business English II (HUM103, BMA)

Course description

It is globally recognised that a single common language is required for businesses to operate effectively across international boarders. The business world has elected English as its main language of communication. The primary goal of the Business English course is to provide development of English language skills using business-related topics as its content base. The course also aims at developing students speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for academic purposes. The course is designed to develop students’ self-study ability, learner independence and social interaction skills.


The course aims to:

  • to develop vocabulary building skills;
  • to consolidate reading of authentic material skills for general understanding and for detail;
  • to further practise presentation skills;
  • to practise debate skills;
  • to further problem solving skills;
  • to practise report writing skills;
  • to enhance summary writing skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and its application.  Demonstrate comprehension of authentic texts related to their studies for general idea and for detail; appraise, discuss, review and summarize information.
  • Research skills. Select, classify, logically organize information and draw conclusions. Appraise, interpret, compare and summarize peer work.
  • Special abilities. Derive vocabulary meaning from context; develop vocabulary building skills and demonstrate acquisition of sufficient vocabulary in the topic areas defined in the course outline.
  • Social abilities. Apply business communication skills in key performance areas such as exchanging information, discussing and presenting business issues.
  • Personal skills.  Organise their learning process and work autonomously on course projects. Demonstrate understanding of academic responsibility and integrity.