CEEMAN: Management Development Needs in Dynamic Societies


The main intention of this project, conducted across 19 countries, is to gain insights into emerging business issues and managerial/organizational development challenges faced by companies now and in the future. Involved in this is an understanding of current challenges and how these are and are not being met by current development opportunities available to companies. Project aims at exploring, identifying and assessing management and leadership development needs by focusing on:

  1. Challenges faced by businesses (particularly with respect to management and leadership issues);
  2. Strategic responses that are being developed in response to those challenges;
  3. Exploration, identification and assessment of management and leadership capabilities and gaps;
  4. Exploration, identification and assessment of management and leadership development needs and how they may help address challenges faced;
  5. Review of the prevailing management and leadership development approaches and practices;
  6. Critical evaluation of the results achieved and impacts made;
  7. Recommendations for learning partners.

Preliminary findings of the research were presented at 24th CEEMAN Annual conference in Tallinn (September, 2016). 

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Project duration: 2016 - 2018 

ISM researchers:: assoc. prof. Raimonda. Alonderienė, Lineta Ramonienė, expert-consultant Margarita Pilkienė

Project partners: More than 30 research partners from 19 countries. Besides ISM, research partners from KTU and VU participate from Lithuania.  Coordinated by CEEMAN.