Bachelor Thesis (ECO116)

A bachelor’s thesis is an independent thesis that recapitulates and broadens the knowledge, skills and abilities gained during studies and validates the awarded bachelor’s degree in economics. In terms of the content and methods of analysis, the bachelor’s thesis directly and indirectly incorporates the subject matter of various disciplines into a single whole.

It is expedient to analyse relevant macroeconomic issues and issues of financial markets and institutions in the bachelor’s thesis. After choosing economic issues relevant to a company for analysis, it is recommended to carry out economic assessment of companies to justify their manufacturing or investment decisions. It is appropriate to analyse the optimisation problems of company activities.

The bachelor’s thesis is written in the eighth semester of studies; 15 ECTS credits are allocated to the thesis. The thesis can be written in either Lithuanian or English.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify problematic questions encountered in fields related to Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Market and Financial Institutions and propose action plans to solve them.
  • Propose adequate methods to overcome research obstacles encountered with well justified reasons for methodology choices.
  • Interpret research problem results and provide suggestions in a broader context by taking into account business, social and economics aspects.
  • Express research findings in a compact form by highlighting the most important aspects without losing generality of results.
  • Properly plan implementation and execution of a large scale research project.
  • Highlight relevant research findings in an official presentation followed by a Q&A session.