Internship (ECO124)


This is a practical course meant to provide students with opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice when dealing with real economic tasks. The students that go on internship in a business company master the practical aspects of organisational economics. The students that go on internship in state institutions get to know their functions and activities, including their importance in executing the national economic policy. When on internship, students deepen their understanding of the external and internal factors that influence the activities of business companies or state institutions. The students that go on internship in a business company prepare the company's economic analysis report. The students that go on internship in a state institution prepare the country economic analysis report. Students shall submit their reports to the Studies Department by the deadline indicated in the internship schedule and shall present (defend) it in the class.

Aim of the module

The economic internship module is meant to help master different aspects of organisational economics or macroeconomics. During the internship students work in selected company. There are two ways of finding a company for an internship:

  • place of internship is found by a student;
  • ISM Career centre supports in finding an internship place.

Overall volume of internship is 15 credits (405 academic hours). Out of them:

  1. 360 hours are internship in company;
  2. 10 hours are in class activities;
  3. 35 hours are student‘s self-study.

Learning outcomes

  • To apply theoretical knowledge gained during studies in conducting company/country economic analysis.
  • To demonstrate practical skills needed to perform practical tasks at the company.
  • To demonstrate analytical skills in  identifying  potential problem in the company to be analysed in the Bachelor thesis.
  • To demonstrate personal skills of time management, responsibility, and team work.
  • To be able to communicate verbally and in written form in a business environment.